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Providing skills and core competency

ACCESSION DISTRIBUTION TRAINING CENTER is a non-profit corporation with 501(c) 3 public charity status incorporated in 2012. We aim to increase public safety, prevent incarceration, and reduce recidivism. It is our goal to train unemployed and underemployed, at-risk youth, veterans, seniors, and returning citizens (ex-offenders) in the fields of logistics, forklift operations, heavy industrial equipment operations, and construction hauling. We strive to make a difference in its community, providing an opportunity to gain skills.


Our vision is to be a community where all of its members—regardless of race/ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, or economic status—are thriving on all levels; where youth are well-educated; where their parents are employed and well-paid for the work that they do; and where everyone is living in a safe neighborhood.


Our mission is to dismantle the cradle-to-prison pipeline and increase public safety by implementing evidence-based programs and evidence-informed practices that train at-risk youth, instruct unemployed and underemployed veterans, and teach men and women returning to the community from prison.

professional people

ADTC provides program of instructions in the areas of:

  • Logistics Warehousing Distribution Management
  • Construction Solar Paneling
  • Senior Citizens Job Training (Experience Works)
  • Forklift Certification:
    • Sit Down
    • Cherry Picker
    • Walkie Rider Pallet Jack
    • Narrow Aisle Reach Truck
    • Walkie Stacker
    • Side Loader
  • CNA Courses
  • Heavy Equipment:
    • Front end loader
    • Dozier
    • Crane Operations
    • Excavator Operation

Community Engage Program:

Clayton County District Attorney’s Office, Pre-trial Diversion Program

The Diversion Program was established to give first-time offenders of non-violent crimes a second chance. The District Attorney’s Office has selected ADTC to be one of its non-profit community service sites.

Clayton County Sheriff’s Department

ADTC provides the Sheriff’s Department with twenty (20) scholarships annually for inmates scheduled to be released for CCSD.

Department of Human Services, Division of Child Support Services, Fatherhood Program

Clayton County Board of Education, Perry Learning Center.

ADTC has entered into an agreement with the Clayton County Board of Education. The agreement specifies that ADTC will allow students, who are sixteen and above, to report to ADTC’s warehouse after school, five days a week during the school year for six months. For job readiness training mentoring and internship job placement.

The Sweet 16 Project (After School Program)

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