ACCESSION DISTRIBUTION TRAINING CENTER is a Non-Post-Secondary Education Center that aims to help change the lives of individuals. We do this through tangible job skills training, meaningful real-life mentoring, and jobs with Fortune Five Hundred companies that provide livable wages. We partner with Veteran-service providers and private organizations, Clayton County School Board corporate community, civic organizations, and volunteers to solve the most overwhelming obstacles that many At-Risk Youths, Veterans, and Reentry citizens encounter upon their return to civilian life.

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We're here for You Who We Train?

We train unemployed and underemployed to give them the opportunity of learning important skills.

  • Men and Women 18 years & older
  • Senior Citizens
  • Veterans
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Our Commitment Mission Statement

Our mission is to dismantle the cradle-to-prison pipeline and increase public safety by implementing evidence-based programs and evidence-informed practices that train at-risk youth, instruct unemployed and underemployed veterans, and teach men and women returning to the community from prison.

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