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Welcome to Accession Distribution Training and Staffing Agency

Two project engineers talking to each otherAccession Distribution Training and Staffing Agency has a track record that shows if we give our youth more choices while in high school, we can help them change the course of their lives and prevent incarceration and gang affiliation. We meet our youth where they are, and we show them a blue print of change thru tangible job skills training, meaningful real life mentoring and jobs with Fortune Five Hundred companies that provide livable wages.

We partner with other Veteran-service providers, Clayton County School Board corporate community, civic organizations and volunteers to solve the most overwhelming obstacles that many At Risk Youths, Veterans and Reentry citizens encounter upon their return to civilian life.

ADTS envisions a community where all of its members—regardless of race/ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation or economic status—are thriving on all levels; where youth are well-educated; where their parents are employed and well-paid for the work that they do; and where everyone is living in a safe neighborhood.

To dismantle the cradle-to-prison pipeline and increase public safety by implementing evidence based programs and evidence-informed practices that train at-risk youth. Instruct unemployed and underemployed veterans, and teach men and women returning to the community from prison in the field of

  • Logistics Warehousing Distribution Management
  • Heavy Industrial Equipment
  • Construction Solar Paneling
  • Transportation/ CDL (Class A & B)
  • Senior Citizens Job Training (Experience Works)

By placing our program participants in well-paying occupations in high demand industries.

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